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Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®)

The CISM® course will help the participant to get ready for taking the official certification exam, which is provided and administered by ISACA®. This certification will acknowledge the candidate as responsible for the supervision and management of information security in an organization.

This course promotes the alignment of an information security program with the business objectives, and provides the student with the knowledge needed to handle, design, supervise and evaluate information security in his/her organization.


  • To understand the relationship between an information security program and wider business objectives and goals to reach its alignment.
  • To gain information security knowledge and the development and management of an information security program.
  • To understand how to manage, design, supervise and evaluate an enterprise information security.
  • To prepare for the CISM certification exam.


This course is aimed to:

  • Information security managers
  • People responsible of develop and manage information security programs
  • People responsible of manage security governance
  • People responsible of compliance and risk management
  • People responsible of security incident management


Anyone can take the CISM® exam.

CISM certification is aimed to individuals with interest in security management and who meet the following requisites:
  1. Pass the CISM exam.
  2. Comply with the ISACA’s professional ethical code.
  3. Agree to comply with the continual education policy.
  4. Minimum work experience of 5 years in information security, with a minimum of three or more in the work practice areas (course domains documented in the topics section of this brochure).
  5. Send an application form for the CISM certification.


The course has the following characteristics:

  • It is structured in thematic units, with a balance between theory and practice.
  • A CISM Review Manual is delivered at the start of the training course.
  • It includes exam-type questions throughout the whole training course.
  • A certificate of course completion is delivered.
  • The length is 5 days.
  • Has a minimum requirement of 6 and a maximum of 25 participants.


The certification exam has the following characteristics:

Global Lynx does not apply the certification exam, nor carries out the participant registration; we only provide guidance on these steps so the participant can successfully register with ISACA for taking the exam.

The certification exam is administered directly by ISACA and has the following characteristics:
  • Contains 200 multiple choice questions.
  • The length is 4 hours.
  • It is a closed-book exam.
  • A minimum grade of 450 is required to pass in a common scale of 200 to 800.


The course has the following topics:

  1. Domain 1 – Information Security Governance (24%)
  2. Domain 2 – Information Risks Compliance and Management (33%)
  3. Domain 3 – Information Security program management and development (25%)
  4. Domain 4 – Information Security Incidents Management (18%)

Advantages offered by Global Lynx

Our instructors are certified in different topics such as CISA, CISM, CGEIT, ITIL, ISO, COBIT and Risk Management and have extensive experience in:

  • The design and implementation of  processes and services in public and/or private organizations.
  • Security management.
  • Design and development of Continuity Strategies and Plans.
  • Teaching various courses in the academic and professional fields.
The participant receives a high quality student handout.