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Microsoft® Operations Framework (MOF®) Foundation Course

24 hours – On-site or Virtual with live trainer

The objective of MOF is to provide guidance to IT organizations for helping them to create, operate and support IT services while ensuring that the IT investment delivers the expected business value within an acceptable level of risk.

The purpose of MOF is to create an environment where the business and IT can work together towards the operational maturity, using a proactive model which defines standard processes and procedures to obtain effectiveness and efficiency.

EXIN Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)

  • Official accredited student material
  • Practical exercises
  • Simulation exams
  • Course completion diploma
  • Official certification exam from EXIN
    Course details
  1. What will I achieve?
  2. Who is this course for?
  3. What are the exam characteristics?
  4. What are the course contents?
  5. Payment methods

What will I achieve?

  • Learn how to plan, deliver, operate and manage IT services based on the MOF methodology.
  • Understand how to realize benefits for the organization through the implementation of MOF.
  • Obtain the MOF Foundation certification.

Who is this course for?

  • People who require a basic understanding of the MOF framework.
  • People who want to improve IT service management quality within an organization.
  • IT professionals who work in an organization which has adopted MOF.
  • Business managers and business process owners.

What are the exam characteristics?

  • Time allocated: 60 minutes
  • Number of questions: 40 multiple-choice
  • Passing score: 65% (26 correct answers)
  • Format: Online or Paper; closed-book
  • Prerequisites: At least 5 hours of personal study during the course are recommended.
When will I know my exam results?

When the exam is paper-based, the results will be notified to the participant afterwards through email. When it is web-based, the participant will get the results immediately after finishing the exam.

What happens if I fail the exam?

The participant who fails the exam may take it again any times at extra cost. No time window between exams is required.

What are the course contents?

  • 1 The MOF Overview
    • 1.1 The Importance of MOF to an Organization
    • 1.2 The Position of MOF in IT Service Management
    • 1.3 Advantages of the MOF Approach to IT Service Management
    • 1.4 Basic Concepts of the Microsoft Operations Framework
  • 2 The Plan Phase
    • 2.1 Basic Concepts of the Plan Phase
    • 2.2 Service Management Functions (SMFs) of the Plan Phase
    • 2.3 Management Reviews (MRs) of the Plan Phase
    • 2.4 Objectives, Risks and Controls of the Plan Phase
    • 2.5 The Integration of the Plan Phase with the Manage Layer
  • 3 The Deliver Phase
    • 3.1 Basic Concepts of the Deliver Phase
    • 3.2 Service Management Functions (SMFs) of the Deliver Phase
    • 3.3 Management Reviews (MRs) of the Deliver Phase
    • 3.4 Objectives, Risks and Controls of the Deliver Phase
    • 3.5 The Integration of the Deliver Phase with the Manage Layer
  • 4 The Operate Phase
    • 4.1 Basic Concepts of the Operate Phase
    • 4.2 Service Management Functions (SMFs) of the Operate Phase
    • 4.3 Management Reviews (MRs) of the Operate Phase
    • 4.4 Objectives, Risks and Controls of the Operate Phase
    • 4.5 The Integration of the Operate Phase with the Manage Layer
  • 5 The Manage Layer
    • 5.1 Basic Concepts of the Manage Layer
    • 5.2 Service Management Functions (SMFs) of the Manage Layer
    • 5.3 Management Reviews (MRs) of the Manage Layer
    • 5.4 Goals of the Manage Layer
    • 5.5 Types of Control of the Manage Layer
    • 5.6 The Coordination Role of the Manage Layer throughout the Lifecycle Phases
  • 6 How to Achieve Business Benefits with MOF
    • 6.1 Reduction of Costs in Service Management
    • 6.2 Review and Fix of Services and Processes
    • 6.3 Operation and Monitoring of Services
  • 7 Exam Description
    • 7.1 Exam Format
    • 7.2 Tips for Answering the Exam
  • 8 Review, Evaluation and Examination
    • 8.1 General Review
    • 8.2 Sample Exam
    • 8.3 Sample Exam Review
    • 8.4 Course Evaluation
    • 8.5 Course Certificate
    • 8.6 Certification Exam

Payment methods:

  • Check
  • Wire transfer
  • Credit card (via PayPal)

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