making IT better!

Reducing the IT workforce talent gap
and skills shortage

Enterprises and communities have been affected by the economic and social impact of the pandemic. The income of many families has been impacted, and some individuals have become unemployed or underemployed.
At the same time, while trying to leverage on technological innovations, employers are having difficulties finding individuals with the necessary IT skills and competence.

Introducing Global Lynx’s IT Workforce Development Ecosystem:

  • We want enterprises to consider Global Lynx a strategic partneran ally.
  • Through a unique ecosystem of stakeholders, we provide organizations with an IT workforce development pipeline to assist them with the knowledge, skills, capabilities, and strategic assets (people, process and tools), necessary to prepare their workforce to face the digital future.

With free and paid resources, certifications, and capabilities from an ecosystem of strategic stakeholders, you can execute an IT strategy for:

  • Upskilling and reskilling your teams to minimize the IT talent gap.
  • Building a roadmap of the required capabilities for the future.
  • Counting with a pipeline of external resources available to assist you meeting your business and IT strategy and workforce objectives.
  • Maximizing your organizational readiness to succeed in the digital journey.
Global Lynx IT Workforce Competence Ecosystem

Through Global Lynx’s IT Workforce Development Ecosystem:

Individuals can:

  • Get trained and certified at low or no cost through our pipeline.
  • Be assisted by our network of workforce development partners to find a job.
  • Find a job opportunity directly with one of our enterprise partners.

Enterprises can:

  • Develop their IT workforce through our pipeline.
  • Leverage our pipeline of trained and certified individuals to recruit people for key roles.
  • Improve their capabilities across people, practices or processes, and tools and technology through our network of strategic competence partners.

Contact Global Lynx at to learn how your enterprise or institution can qualify to be a partner in the Global Lynx IT Workforce Development Ecosystem.