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A space to learn new skills and best practices from IT professionals and leverage on workforce development opportunities. In IT LIVE we focus on building the capabilities for the future, supporting IT talent development through live sessions with our Xperts(TM) and other partners in Global Lynx's Workforce Development Ecosystem.

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Systems Thinking: A Harmony of Capabilities, Governance and Knowledge for Success | Xpert Session with Keith Sutherland

Systems Thinking: A Harmony of Capabilities, Governance and Knowledge for Success

Xpert Session with Keith Sutherland

THU, JULY 29th · 2:00 PM (EDT)

ITIL 4, relatively new to the market (one - two years old now), has largely recognized that the success of Service Management is grounded in the idea of multiple standards, methods, movements and frameworks. Organizations have to make sense of the parts of these various capabilities, based on their level of maturity and their own company specific preferences, to realize success with Service Management. Though this idea is not new, there are far too many examples where Service Providers have thrown out one capability in favor of another one, and subsequently finding themselves in undesirable circumstances. Today’s CIOs are placing strong emphasis on the adoption of best practices. Making these capabilities work together in harmony presents the best chance for sustained success. Getting there requires governance, knowledge and a willingness to consistently think differently.


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IT LIVE Xpert Session

The Human + Machine Workforce. A Strategy for the Business of the Future!

Ruben Melendez

In this session we will discuss: Elements to build a scalable workforce and intelligent operating model. The future of value creation with automated workflows. How a hyper hybrid-workforce will drive growth. Why learning strategies will apply not only to humans, but also machines.

IT LIVE Xpert Session

Process Maturity. Is it still necessary in an Agile environment?

Manuel Garcia

In this session we will discuss: The concept of Maturity explained; What ‘Agile’ truly means; Traditional processes vs ‘just-enough’ processes; The connection of business strategy with IT goals; The need for strategic mindset and governance.

IT LIVE Xpert Session

Next Generation Digital Financial Services

Bill Genovese

The scope is the potential forecast and reality of what may occur for digital financial services only in the next generation, or our children's lives. It's very challenging to forecast beyond this. In addition, contextually we all want to share with and develop our children to cultivate them to adopt and drive digital changes and applications to modernize financial services for future generations.

IT LIVE session 4

Emerging Trends in IT Project Management and What’s next?

Virtual Coffee with Suma Puligella

As agility has become part of every organizations’ daily life, Project Management is one of the fields that has been more impacted by these new approaches and management styles. The shift from waterfall to agile was one of the biggest milestones in the history of modern business, and this new mindset has permeated many organizational areas and layers, even becoming the new “business-as-usual”. However, as we approach the depths of digital transformation, new trends emerge and project managers expect with wonder what’s going to change in the coming years. Particularly in IT, project management takes a very different flavor to other PM domains, given the sometimes complex interaction IT has with the business in terms of supporting and enabling digital transformation.

IT LIVE session 3

How to Assess Organizational DevOps Capabilities

Jack Maher

Capability Assessments · Why bother / Defining who we are by WHAT we DO · Outcomes and Key Results · Communicating for Collaboration / Inventory or model of organizational resources · What do we do? · How well do we do it? / Current state understanding · Confirmation of capability · Identification of risk and opportunity / Reference points and common vocabulary · Modeling for common patterns · Clarity of application and realization/ Organizational situation · Current state · Desired sate · Resources & Appetite. · Demonstration.

IT LIVE session 2

Ignite: Driving visibility into your software pipeline

Jack Maher

Visibility + Transparency = Observability. Models & Telemetry for Context & Performance. Value Stream Mapping > Value Management. Leveraging existing investments and capabilities. Outcome realizations

IT LIVE session 2

How to achieve visibility in your DevOps environment, from Dev to Ops

Richard Hawes, ServiceNow

With the new DevOps module launched by ServiceNow, there is a world of possibilities for businesses to leverage their current tools and further integrate them with their CI/CD tools. Nevertheless, Observability and Value Stream Mapping are critical success factors for the tools ecosystem to deliver the intended benefits.

IT LIVE session 2

QA | S2

Jack Maher & Richard Hawes (ServiceNow)

IT LIVE session 1

Ignite: Pipeline As a Service

Jack Maher

Pipeline As A Service: We’re moving from software in our data center to services. Building a Jenkins server is a rite of passage, but of durable value?. Focus your talent on using and running the pipeline, not building & maintaining it. Architect, Activate, and Run on demand.

IT LIVE session 1

How to Quickly Enable DevOps must-haves: CI/CD, DevSecOps and Test Automation

Amol Bavdekar

CI/CD, DevSecOps and Test Automation are the common denominators that must be adopted in any new-generation software delivery pipeline. New DevOps adoptions usually start by implementing a CI/CD tool, and then build on it as experience is gained. The good news is that all these items can be implemented relatively easily and quickly, in such a way that the organization starts reaping benefits within 3 to 4 months.

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