John Buk

  Project Manager and IT Consultant with over 20 years experience with a variety of technologies, processes and frameworks.


John Buk

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DevOps: An operational or strategic enabler of digital transformation? [S1E8]

  One of the common denominators of IT organizations enabling business’ digital transformation is DevOps. However, the way of adopting it may change the...
9 sec read

The challenges IT organizations are facing with the COVID-19 contingency [S1E1] Future IT Podcast

Welcome to this first episode of the Global Lynx podcast, Future IT! Through this series we will be having conversations about the challenges, trends,...
16 sec read

Top 5 Traits for a DevOps Readiness Assessment

With DevOps being one of the newest top priorities for IT organizations, it’s sometimes hard for IT managers to define what has to be...
2 min read

Negative Impact of Not Having an IT Security Awareness Program

Negative Impacts of Not Having an IT Security Awareness Program in Place This year information attacks to organizations have been more frequent, intended to get...
1 min read

Is This the Right Time to Undertake a DevOps Implementation?

DevOps —the cultural movement that stresses the importance of collaboration and communication between IT teams, especially Development and Operations—seems to be the current strategy all...
2 min read