Manuel Garcia

  IT consultant with a focus on the required human capabilities for Digital Transformation. Global Lynx's US Regional and Operations Manager.


Manuel Garcia

30 Stories by Manuel Garcia

The Best First Step to Take when Adopting DevOps

DevOps adoptions are certainly something going trendy; not really because of being popular, but rather because our times demand it. The digital era has...
2 min read

7 Critical Reasons for Having a Proper DevOps Strategy in Place

DevOps has become without a doubt the new mainstream in IT. As common as ITSM processes were 10 years ago, now DevOps is what...
4 min read

From Information Security to Resilience to Antifragility

Information is without doubt the most critical asset to any business. You may lose people, but you can hire more; you may lose infrastructure,...
3 min read

Balance Control vs. Chaos to Allow for Innovation

I would be lying if I said I’ve enjoyed experiencing chaos in my life. I don’t believe anyone actually likes unforeseen (most times negative)...
2 min read

Increasing Success of Digital Transformation Initiatives with IT Governance [S1E9]

IT Governance is the discipline through which IT leaders set direction for the whole IT organization, with the objective of ensuring that business value...
13 sec read

The Value Stream: What Customer Value Delivery Actually Looks Like

If you hold a management role, either in IT or in a business department, you are most likely aware that the metric of “time-to-market”...
2 min read

How IT frameworks can support Digital Transformation [S1E4] Future IT Podcast

  Digital transformation is about innovation and creativity. Frameworks promote control, which seems to be obstructive or perceived as a block in the way...
18 sec read

Focusing on People – The Key to a Successful Digital Transformation

The Current State of Digital Transformation As we move into the new decade, one thing remains—and promises to remain—constant in IT: change in requirements...
2 min read

The Value of a DevOps Certification

With the recent formalization of DevOps as a cultural movement that is transforming the way in which IT areas work and collaborate, there has...
2 min read