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Why get certified with anyone else? Get the training that you need from an educator that is accredited by the DevOps Institute!

DevOps Foundation Training

Join the movement everyone is talking about! Get your DevOps Foundation certification from a Registered Education Partner of the DevOps Institute. Our virtual course will cover DevOps principles and practices, the value of DevOps will bring your enterprise, as well as challenges, risks and critical success factors. What enterprises have achieved with DevOps:

  • 200x more frequent deployments
  • 2,555x shorter lead times
  • 3x lower change failure rate
  • 24x faster recovery from failures
  • 50% less time spent remediating security issues

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Who should take the course?

  • Individuals involved in software development, IT operations and/or IT service management.
  • Individuals who require a detailed understanding of DevOps principles.
  • IT professionals working within, or about to enter, an Agile service design environment and requiring a detailed understanding of the concepts involved in interfacing Agile and DevOps.
  • Individuals who require an understanding of the culture changes associated with adopting DevOps.
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More about our DevOps Foundation Course.

The DevOps Foundation is a 16 hour, virtual or on-site, course with a live trainer. Unlike many of our competitors, our course materials contain official student material from the DevOps Institute. The course will be taken over a 4 day span (Each class lasts 4 hours) with the exam being on the final day. This can be on our schedule or yours depending on your team size. The exam is a 60 minute 40 multiple choice question test that can be taken either online or on paper. When online, you get your results immediately. You are required to get a 65% on your exam to be certified. Don’t worry, if you do not pass the first time around, your next exam is on us! Sign up today for a no commitment and FREE training consultation! We are eager to get you certified!

Our Package includes an Exam Pass Guarantee! 

If you do not pass your first DevOps Foundation Certification exam, the second one is on us!