Increasing Information Security with ISO/IEC 27000

The Risk for People In our era, information security has become very important in both enterprises and our daily lives. Every day we are more exposed to suffering some kind of attack, hacking, loss of information or that someone misuses our information without us knowing it—since several years ago, all our information is hosted in the cloud. Every day we … Read More

Negative Impact of Not Having an IT Security Awareness Program

  Negative Impacts of Not Having an IT Security Awareness Program in Place This year information attacks to organizations have been more frequent, intended to get economic benefits; however, in the last two years, this increase keeps showing as the main points of attack in organizations those which aim at the weakest link in security: employees. Nowadays, with all the information … Read More

The Importance of having an IT Security Awareness Program in Place

Why do Enterprises Need to Have an IT Security Awareness Program in Place? We all may agree that information is the most critical asset that enterprises have. Businesses in all industries depend on information—they may lose their facilities, but they can buy or lease new ones; they may lose their people, but they can hire new talent; but if they lose … Read More

The Value of a DevOps Certification

With the recent formalization of DevOps as a cultural movement that is transforming the way in which IT areas work and collaborate, there has also been a launch of accredited DevOps training and certification programs, which give IT professionals an opportunity to learn all the fundamental principles of this new discipline and get proof of their knowledge through an official … Read More

The Life after IT Service Management

It’s All about Value Creation Many organizations have implemented IT Service Management best practices and have enthusiastically invested in the adoption (i.e. training, process implementation, tools, etc.) of frameworks such as ITIL. A common mistake is, however, that many times these efforts are undertaken as the ultimate goal—some companies are managing processes, instead of managing services through those processes. Best … Read More

Is This the Right Time to Undertake a DevOps Implementation?

Is This the Right Time to Adopt and Implement DevOps? DevOps—the cultural movement that stresses the importance of collaboration and communication between IT teams, especially Development and Operations—seems to be the current strategy all IT organizations worldwide are going with to improve IT quality, responsiveness and business value creation. But is it just a temporary, ‘flavor-of-the-month’ trend?  Or is there … Read More

Intangible Benefits are Critical for a DevOps Program’s Success!

Intangible Benefits are Critical for a DevOps Program’s Success! There are several reasons why many IT initiatives fail, and one of the key reasons is that intangible benefits are not included in the business case, hence they are not measured during and after implementation. Using the 80-20 rule, intangible benefits generally represent 80% of the economic and strategic value of … Read More

Obtaining People’s Commitment to DevOps

Perhaps the most challenging item from the 7 Steps for a Successful DevOps Implementation is obtaining all the relevant stakeholders’ commitment to the DevOps initiative. The DevOps program will have to be managed as any other project, using practices from any Project Management Framework your organization has in place, like The Project Management Institute’s (PMI)® PMBOK® Guide or PRINCE2, and will certainly be supported with SCRUM … Read More

The DevOps ROI Implementation

The ROI of Implementing DevOps Many changes are going on in the IT world; the news talk about how IT is moving to the Cloud, how much strategy leaders are focusing their efforts on Big Data; and with no doubt, one of the top initiatives that shows up when you search for what IT organizations are currently doing, is DevOps—the … Read More

7 Steps for a Successful DevOps Implementation

The strong impact and attention that DevOps is having in IT organizations around the world, reminds me of other times when a similar movement or framework impacted the IT industry in a similar way. For example, with ITIL (particularly V2), many organizations adopted it—many are still implementing it (now version 3)—and while many did actually achieve the expected benefits, for … Read More