The Benefits of Adopting Frameworks

Are You Aware of the IT Value Realized? We discussed on previous posts how frameworks are good enablers of IT value creation and how they can be key components of the IT strategic roadmap of an organization, and we have also stressed out the importance of frameworks being adopted from the top; otherwise, many initiatives will fail. But why is … Read More

IT Strategic Roadmap, Brief # 3: Frameworks

IT Strategic Roadmap, Brief # 3: Frameworks as Guidance and Enablers of IT Value A Review on IT Strategic Roadmaps An IT strategic roadmap, in very broad terms, is the “how-to” component of an IT Strategic Plan that depicts the current state of the IT organization, expresses the desired state, and describes the activities that need to be performed in … Read More

IT Strategic Roadmap, Brief # 2: A Shareholders Return Approach

Defining an IT Strategic Roadmap Brief # 2:  A Shareholders Return Approach to IT Value Creation As discussed in the previous article in this Brief Series, the new Digital Age has considerably changed the role of IT in enterprises— IT is no longer in a supporting role to the business areas; IT is now at the center of every business strategy, … Read More

Defining an Effective IT Strategic Roadmap – Brief #1 in a Series

Back to basics: Why do enterprises need IT value creation now more than ever? The answer to this question might seem obvious, but it is important to start the discussion here. All enterprises need IT because businesses are experiencing a digital disruption; they are all focusing on innovation, transformation, and the automation and digitalization of business processes. Therefore, IT has … Read More

Enterprise Transformation Requires a New IT Value Creation Approach

Digital Transformation The Cloud, mobile devices, mobile apps, and the Internet of Things (IoT), have created a new digital era. Consumers and market conditions are rapidly changing, hence the businesses’ strategies and processes must adapt to these changes. Organizations are experiencing a digital transformation and a disruption in all business processes, as they rely more and more on IT each … Read More