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ITSM for Distributed Environments and Remote Teams

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Key Features

  • 8 hours
  • On-Site or Virtual Course with Live Certified Trainer
  • $699 USD
  • Course completion diploma
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  1. What will I achieve?
  2. Who is this course for?
  3. What are the exam characteristics?
  4. What are the course contents?
  5. Payment methods

As the world evolves and digital transformation takes over, IT organizations need to adapt to changing business environments. The way organizations do business is changing, and so are the ways of working. Remote collaboration across distributed environments is not rare anymore, and everyday more organizations discover the benefits of having their staff working from home, either for convenience or due to contingencies like the one introduced by the COVID-19.

In such cases, productivity takes a different meaning to IT managers, but value delivery requirements remain, and even increase as more business services become digital. Traditional IT Service Management is slowly fading away, as the digital era opens way to new challenges, from complex distributed architectures to distant teamwork and staff management.

What will I achieve?

  • Understand the changes in business environments that are introducing new challenges for IT organizations.
  • Learn how IT Service Management enables businesses and the practices that are critical for value creation.
  • Obtain a high-level understanding of IT Governance, its components and its importance to align the operational goals of IT with strategic business goals.
  • Develop a leadership mindset that helps creating the right culture, enabling the required capabilities and defining appropriate metrics for measuring relevant goals.
  • Get a comprehensive and clear view of Lean IT practices and how these can be used to enable a continual improvement approach and achieving higher IT maturity levels.
  • Walk out with an action plan that helps your IT organization taking the right next steps towards improving organizational and operational performance in a distributed and remote environment.

Who is this course for?

  • IT Team Leaders and Managers
  • IT Champions and Key Staff
  • Continual Improvement Managers
  • IT Process Managers and Process Owners
  • IT Service Delivery Staff

What are the course contents?

  • Unit 1 - Introduction
    • 1.1 The Changes in the IT Environment and Current Challenges
    • 1.2 The Basics of IT Service Management
    • 1.3 The ITIL® Service Value System
    • 1.4 Relevant Best Practice Frameworks
  • Unit 2 - ITSM as a Business Enabler
    • 2.1 The Focus on Value Delivery
    • 2.2 Value Stream Mapping
    • 2.3 ITSM Supporting Practices
    • 2.4 Integration Between Areas
    • 2.5 Supplier Management
  • Unit 3 - The Need for IT Governance
    • 3.1 The Governance System
    • 3.2 IT Governance Enablers
    • 3.3 Top Management Commitment
    • 3.4 Strategic Alignment of IT Goals
  • Unit 4 - The Key to Succeed in Remote Environments
    • 4.1 Vision & Leadership
    • 4.2 Trust & Accountability
    • 4.3 Collaboration & Sharing
    • 4.4 Meaningful Metrics and Feedback
  • Unit 5 - Lean ITSM
    • 5.1 Making Work Visible
    • 5.2 Limiting Work in Progress
    • 5.3 Reducing Waste
    • 5.4 Lean Process Optimization
  • Unit 6 - IT Maturity and Continual Improvement
    • 6.1 The IT Maturity Approach
    • 6.2 Agile Process Improvement
    • 6.3 Optimization and Automation
    • 6.4 Continual Experimentation
  • Unit 7 - Practical Guidance
    • 7.1 Building an Action Plan
    • 7.2 Critical Success Factors

Payment methods:

  • Check
  • Wire transfer
  • Credit card (via PayPal)

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