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EVC (Enterprise Value Creation) Foundation

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EVC® (Enterprise Value Creation) version 3, from Glomark-Governan, is the world’s most advanced and effective methodology to IDENTIFY, QUANTIFY, and MEASURE the economic benefits, strategic alignment, costs, and risk of any project or initiative, such as the case of investments in information technology; and the development of business value communication skills in any organization.  

Since 1992, over 12,000 managers, professionals and executives have been trained and certified in EVC, in more than 30 countries. 


EVC Foundation teaches the EVC framework, principles, and capabilities, necessary to use and implement the EVC Methodology in an enterprise; in order to improve the way people assess and communicate business improvements and value created with internal and external customers, and increase the likelihood of any project success.

The participants also learn the EVC process and best practices for strategic planning and budgeting using value creation for a bi-modal project justification—including rapid justification of projects that require agility, such as innovation-related initiatives. 


This course is aimed to:

Technology and Business Professionals: EVC will allow you…

  • Enhance your career by been certified in Enterprise Value Creation Foundation.
  • Understand how executives make decisions to invest.
  • Present your initiatives, programs, and budget with a compelling business case.
  • Increase the probability of your projects and initiates being approved by management.
  • Acquire skills and competence to effectively and easily identify, quantify, forecast and communicate all the benefits and strategy from your initiatives.

Managers and Executives: Implementing EVC in your organization will allow you…

  • Improve your budgeting process and approval.
  • Improve strategic planning.
  • Transparency and objectivity on business cases presented by staff members.
  • Better communicate the economic and strategic value created with your initiatives and by your organization.


There are no mandatory prerequisites for taking the EVC Foundation course.


The certification exam has the following characteristics:

  • Includes the EVCf Exam with formal Certificate issued by Glomark-Governan, creator of the EVC Methodology.
  • Contains multiple-choices questions.
  • The length is 60 minutes.
  • A minimum of 60% correct answers is required to pass the test.
  • Individuals that do not pass the exam can take it again at any time without extra cost.


The course has the following topics:

  1. EVC Framework and Life Cycle
  2. EVC Principles
  3. EVC Capabilities
  4. Introduction to TBO® (Total Benefit of Opportunity), TCO (Total Cost of Opportunity) and TRO® (Total Risk of Opportunity)

Advantages offered by Global Lynx

Global Lynx offers you training courses in the EVC methodology, which is urgently needed by organizations for the following reasons:

  • Businesses and government agencies are investing considerably in digital process improvements and innovation initiatives; and forecasting the benefits of these initiatives is a challenge because they have a high-level of uncertainty in its prediction. Therefore, organizations need a structured framework and method to effectively assess, forecast, quantify, compare, and measure the value created in an enterprise with any initiative, project, program, or portfolio.
  • Business cycles are now very short.  In order to survive in the new digital ecosystem, companies cannot longer afford long business cycles.  Budgeting and strategic planning needs to be more dynamic because new opportunities, or threats, appear constantly, and many new projects and initiatives –from idea-to-execution— need to be implemented in months, and often in weeks.  The technology to allow business-agility is here (i.e., Cloud, mobility, smart devices, IoT, etc.), however, the current processes and governance do not provide a two-modality framework for rapid project evaluation, approval and budgeting.  The EVC 3.0 Framework provide a method and framework for the two-modality, the fast-lane, and the endurance and traditional governance lane for project evaluation and approval.
  • EVC applies to any projector initiative of any type, for any business area, and at any level (from small initiatives, to large complex projects; as well as to evaluate the value created with portfolios and long-term strategic plans. 

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